Friday, August 22, 2008


Nicole Murray and the Wallace Monument (now there's a name for a band)

We left Denmark.

We drove to Kent and played. We drove to Hampshire and played. We drove to Yorkshire and slept. We drove to Lancashire and played and an origami koala watched us the whole night.  cloudstreet under a marsupial spotlight (bet you weren't expecting that expression)

Next day we were off to Scotland and cloudstreet once again appeared in front of the finest backdrop on the contemporary acoustic music scene - the Stirling Folk Club.

Brace yourselves......

We did spend a considerable time on wardrobe choices.

A week's holiday followed on after that mad week of racing up the country.  The rest was much-needed and joyful, the photos are legion.  I'll report back on that lot soonish.

In the meantime, we're off to Shrewsbury today, madly packing for home and wondering if the whole thing wasn't just a dream..........

Love from the road,


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