Saturday, August 2, 2008

cloudstreet go to Denmark

After an early start (4.30am, then off to the airport) we arrived in Denmark, picked up our hire car and headed across the country to the island of Fano and then to the Southernmost town of Sonderho, and the home of Peter Uhrbrand, the fiddle player from Faerd.

Peter and his family made us very welcome in this amazing village. The photo above of Peter's place gives you an idea of the thatched house architecture of the village. The houses have been preserved in this style since the middle of the 19th century. And cultural preservation is high on the list for this beautiful place. New houses must be built in the old style, and renovations must be in keeping with the village's existing pattern.

We played in a local cafe "Cafe Nanas Stue" to an appreciative crowd, followed by Peter and two of his friends, Olle and Sonig, playing traditional music from the island, with local couples dancing local dances to the music.

A wonderful night but by the end we were exhausted. Crawled to bed and slept until noon.

Our first day in Denmark was a delight, full of music and new friends.

More to follow.

Love and song,


(the video is a little dark, but so was the room)

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