Tuesday, August 5, 2008

More music in Denmark

This year's cloudstreet tour has been a long and winding adventure and the journey across to Denmark has been a most wonderful inclusion.

After a great time on Fanø we were on the road across country again, this time to the home of the other founding member of Færd, Eskil Romme. But first, we needed to be up early to catch the ferry back to the mainland. Here's a snap from the docks.

We hit the road and zoomed through the beautiful Danish countryside, eventually arriving at the venue for the second of our three gigs, Halkær Kro, a cafe and concert venue near the Western Danish coast. A lovely relaxed afternoon gig as part of the venue's Sunday afternoon music programme over the Summer. Then it was back to Eskil's farm for a meal, some chatting and then an early night.

Eskil has an organic farm in the North that he's been running for the past twenty years or so, as well as managing to tour the globe with varying numbers of bands, most especially the trio
He and Gertrude have been wonderful hosts over the last couple of days, introducing us to some of the fabulous local food and welcoming us into their home.

On our first night, Eskil mentioned that a replica of a Viking longship, the Havhingsten (Sea Stallion) would be sailing nearby and he wondered if we might like a look. Would we ever!! The ship is on its way back from a trip to Ireland and was passing along the coast only a few miles away from the house. It was a little too far away on the first night, but the next day we set off in the rain to have a look. We arrived at a bridge a few minutes to late and only caught a glimpse of this beauty under tow by a coastguard vessel. Undeterred, we bounced across a few fields and caught sight of the sail at the edge of the fields. Here's the best of my shots, followed by a slightly more spectacular view from the Havhingsten website:

Today the sun is shining again and we've had a look around Nibe before settling in for a night of good food, good music and new friends. Another drive tomorrow and more music to follow.

There's nothing like an adventure to make life interesting!



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