Friday, October 31, 2008


Nicole's birthday (27 October) came along in the middle of the John-half of cloudstreet being on the road in Western Queensland, racing through the schools gigs with Jeremy, Jenny and Steve.  But a party was required and fortunately, the day before her birthday was a Sunday and John was home.  The gang was gathered, the barbie was fired up, and a gorgeous sunny afternoon had us sitting around, drinking up and chowing down.  

A beautifully relaxed afternoon and a very happy Nicole.

John was off to Toowoomba the next day and now, with the gigs almost done, sleep is a wonderful thing.

Here's a short summary of the party:

An amazing guitar video

Fantastic spirit evident in this guy's music.  Gotta love it.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A game whose time has come!

An idea inspired by a friends Wii console...

A great way to introduce a new generation to their diddly-dee destiny.

Folk On!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Genius of Les Barker

Just noticed this one on the web while doing some updating of the site.

On the last night of our cloudstreet gigs at Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year, Nic lost her voice.  This presented some significant issues for us.  Out of the hat came a song that we'd recorded for Les Barker a few months before, his parody of many ballads, Mrs Groves.  It being a feature of modern life that everything you do will be filmed by somebody, this rare solo performance (with words being read off sheets held up by five people in the front row, hence John's erratic movements) found its way to Youtube.  

It would be wrong not to share...


(with thanks to Ken.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The circles in which cloudstreet fans move

Our great mate Sarah, was on a "Walk to Work Day" today and took the opportunity to not only ensmall her carbon footprint for the day, but she also wore her favourite cloudstreet t-shirt for the occasion.

Not content to mingle with the crowd, proud Sarah strode forth with her husband and best friend Mark, grabbed the nearest Premier of Queensland (Ms Anna Bligh) and had her photo taken to prove to us that powerful movers and shakers look even better standing next to our shirts

Sales are expected to leap upwards, contrary to all the market trends.

Does my old heart good.

Now, what colour would suit Sarah Palin?

See you down the road,