Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home at Last

Shrewsbury was a fabulous way to finish the tour, and we even got to see the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain and the New Rope String Band all in one night.  Loved it!  All this after 4 gigs on our final day.  By then end, our voices were a little ragged, but we had fun and made it to the finish line.  The the sleepfest began.

A drive to Essex the next day.

Dropping Nic at the Heathrow hotel and then returning the hire car to Yorkshire the next day, followed by the megabus to London and the tube to Heathrow and the bus to the hotel.  Sleep came readily.

The morning saw us head to Heathrow, check in and fly to Brunei via Dubai.

And then......

Bliss.  Due to a change of flights, we had a 24-hour stopover in Brunei.  A hotel and we just crashed onto the beds.  6 hours later we staggered off to dinner.  Nic went back to bed, and I (with a touch of gloating in my tone) went to the gym at the hotel.  Then I slept too.

We arose, refreshed and revitalised.  Bright and cheery, the hotel shuttle took us to Brunei International and the last flight home.

It was joyful and wonderful to fly into Brisbane, be greeted by a close friend and then (while Nic stayed in Brisbane to visit a recently (and temporarily)  invalided aunt, and prepare her part in a photo and poetry exhibition for next week.  I drove up to Maleny.

I loved coming home to this beautiful house in the hills.  

And so the next day I had a rehearsal for the schools concerts that start on Monday.  Another rehearsal today and an early start tomorrow.

What, and give up showbiz?

Living the life, creatively and with love,


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