Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back on the mainland.

Hi all,

After a wonderful time in Dublin, taking advantage of the tunes and the occasional burst of sunshine, we flew back into Liverpool and headed back to Yorkshire in the early hours of the morning, marvelling as the sun refused to completely disappear over the horizon.  The sound of heads crashing onto pillows followed.

A couple of days of rest ensued, with John joining Jacey and Hilary at the movies enjoying a retelling of the well-known folk-tale, The Incredible Hulk.   It should perhaps be renamed, The Moderately Interesting Hulk (or even Hulk II: Revenge of the Plot).  Perhaps Marvel comics are better in the original print/imagination versions.

We played in Darlington and then Bedford - both lovely gigs, very well-received, and then the long drive to Devon.  Jerry and Hilary Bix had invited us back to Bideford for a few days of workshops and concerts.

Sunday saw us with a harmony singing workshop group, that night we had a concert in a local theatre and Monday was a day with kids from two of the Bideford schools.  Here they are trying to work out what a lagerphone is:

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