Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busman's Holiday

Hello again,

Yesterday we headed just down the road to Saul and Folk on the Water (part of the Saul Canal Festival).  It seems like ages since I had the chance to sit in a concert and watch people play, just enjoying the music, and kicking back with no expectation that any second we'd need to leap into action ourselves.

Soon after arrival, we had front-row seats for Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer.  A fantastic set.  The nyckelharpa is really fitting in well (Vicki is also adept on flutes, whistles and double-bass.)  We hope to have these guys performing in Australia in a couple of years' time.  Well worth a look at

After the show, we were dazzled and amazed by the boat procession, John bought himself some hobbit-clothes and then we sheltered from the wind and saw a fabulous set by Nancy Kerr and James
 Fagan, in their new line-up with Rob Harbron on concertina, guitar and vocals.  Top-notch music.  I just love Nancy's vocals.  Effortless and entrancing.  Hopefully we'll see the three of them in Oz later this year.  (here's their site - well worth a look).

After a day at the show, we headed back to Dursley, and warm beds for the night.  Today is a tidying of minds and possessions day.

Much love


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Smallpiper said...

Woo hoo!
Looks like a great concert!