Friday, July 11, 2008

A week of being back at school

We've just finished a week of wacky instruments, enquiring minds, screaming, shouting, singing and joyfully jumping up and down.  3 schools in 3 days in Yorkshire.  Today has been a day of lying about as the rains come down and the temperature's dropped.  

Working with kids has been at turns fulfilling, hilarious (like the small boy who commented when we brought out the lagerphone -"Look what they've done to Jesus!"), and scary (they were thirteen and they were prepared to be very hard to impress - until we told them to pretend to be seven-year-olds). Very different work to concert performances, and challenging in a very different way.  We've been surprised at how tiring a full-day of this work can be.  Concentrating hard all day will do that!

This weekend is the Birdsedge Village Festival (Jacey's local village) and we're performing with the kids from the local school as well as a concert spot on Sunday.  Today has been a day of concentrated lying about, catching up on the inbox and watching Torchwood)

Next week we'll be back into grown-up gigs!

Love from all of us.


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