Monday, June 23, 2008

Unexpected Turns

Aahhh. Summer in Dublin. The fresh warmth of the gentle breeze in our faces as pedestrians fly past. We arrived to find that Halley had arrived from Dublin a day or so before us and so we had a friend to session with. We've been staying a ways out of town at Cabinteely Cross and checking out local sessions rather than heading into the great Dublin city centre - except for Saturday, when we went along to a health and healing day at Cultivate, a very cruisy alternative lifestyle centre in town. I made it along to a terrific mindfulness meditation session, the day's organisation fell in a heap and the next day my cough had exploded into a bit of a painful throat and chest. Lots of lying about in bed ensued. While this wasn't quite the social exravaganza we had planned, it was what needed to happen. A bit more music last night, but my voice was all but gone. Bummer, but we had a lovely play with some new friends. The session was at a pub called the Blue Light, about half an hour up into the hills. We were there on Wednesday as well and met some locals, who put on an extra session. A half-dozen youngish players and some lovely music.

Staying with Patrick and Eveanne has been tremendous. A totally creative time, with art and music abounding.

Tonight we fly late into Liverpool- John Lennon Airport- very cool, and then it's across the Pennines to Jacey's and a few days off, before gigs, down to Devon and beyond.



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