Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Three of Eleven.

Day Three.
Folk at the Drum, Folkestone.
We're staying in the excruciatingly modernised bit of Maidstone, (Travelodge, Matalan, Asda, Lidl) but a few hundred metres along the River Medway, the century changes. Glorious stone buildings reflect serenely in the Medway, and secret lives are lived along the river. I greeted a man who was sitting quietly, waiting for passing foot traffic to subside so his tame water rat would come over and eat. I saw a man sitting by the river beside the travelodge, juggling three swords. The church had unusual, cylindrical graves, and much of the area was built in the fourteenth century.

There are advantages in the modern bit too. Crowing with success, I discovered that Hobbycraft has almost everything I need to put on my art exhibition in Derry. They're not in Northern Ireland, but I can buy up my supplies before we drive onto the ferry.

Folk at the Drum had a full house, which was 28 people - its a cosy room! There were terrific floorspots, lots of harmonies, our friends Brian and Marian sang a rousing song about Jackie Frost, and most of our songs were augmented by voices in harmony.

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