Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day Ten of Eleven.

Day Ten.
The Star Folk Club, Glasgow.
Edinburgh was basking in the sun when we awoke, and experiencing record high temperatures. John went out on a little foray and did some Field Agent jobs - he has been using an app to find little marketing jobs and earn small amounts of money to save up for his camera. When he returned we packed up and clunked down the 47 steps, stored our luggage and went for a walk round Holyrood Park, past the fantasy towers of Pollock Halls, part of the university student accommodation, and round to Parliament. The park was full of Scottish people startlingly dressed in shorts and singlets. "Did they just have them ready to go?" wondered John. It was winter till three days ago.

We found a terrific cafe called Foodie, with delicious healthy food and appealing cakes (though we couldn't fit one in). 

Asking Satnat lady for guidance, we joined the M8 and headed for Glasgow. On the way, John wanted to fit in a couple more Field Agent jobs, and we got a tour of some very dilapidated outer suburbs or villages along the route of the M8. Although many houses had nicely kept hedges, I don't think there is a sadder wall surface than mildew-stained grey pebble dash, one of the few building materials that is not cheered up by sunshine. 

A little sleep at the Travelodge got me ready to drag on the costume and boots again and set off into Glasgow to the remarkable St Andrews in the Square, where the Star Folk Club is held.

I am always astonished by this building, though I have seen it many times. In the sunlight it was particularly striking, with beautiful stone details on the columns and tower, and inside, the hall upstairs is a soaring space, with golden angels and thistles in the ceiling.

There is a 3.6 second echo in the room, and it can be fierce to sing in time against that, but Ian did a good job on sound. We had a very mixed audience, including our old friend Grant, Donald Mackay's mum and dad, and twenty young travellers from Salzburg.

There was a hot trad trio opening the night, playing formula-one-speed tunes on guitar, concertina and fiddle. Check them out at

One day to go. Then I can rest.

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