Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Five of Eleven.

Day Five.
Wortley Folk Club, Stocksbridge.
On the way north through Nottinghamshire from Bury, we were scooting along by Clumber Park when John exclaimed, "There was an elephant by the side of the road." We turned around to investigate, to the consternation of Satnav Lady, and John found this friend.

We drove up to Yorkshire to Jacey Bedford's house. She is our agent and we've staying there so many times, it was a homecoming. We got a wonderful warm welcome and the use of a washing machine - really like home! 

Al Parrish, the great big bass player from Tanglefoot, the big-voiced Canadian band, is doing a solo tour, and he came with us to Wortley Folk Club and did a great floor spot. We discovered, as part of our fact-finding tour of the UK, that Wortley is pronounced 'wertly' and is actually held in Stocksbridge.

There were several floor singers (people who get up to do a couple of songs, for those in Australia who don't know the term), and they were all great. The audience was very attentive and we had a most enjoyable gig, except for the bit where John knocked his drink into all the leads!

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