Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Memphis Ho!

The world's largest terrarium, Brisbane airport. 

It's a long journey from Brisbane to Memphis. It took us 35 hours and it was Monday the whole time. We jetted, we setted, we made it!

So far the exciting bit has been that John's guitar didn't arrive in Dallas with our other bags, and after some long talks with helpful baggage staff, the verdict was that we should go on to Memphis, and it would either turn up or we would have to start the search from there and "file a claim" (not reassuring words, but at least it happens so often that they have a system).

Remarkably calm about it all, we collected our other bags and went through customs where i had declared my dried apples and chia seeds and almonds (because it said to). There was a long wait while we got shunted about and then had the entertainment of watching a family who had just returned from Mexico, being surprised to find customs weren't pleased with their whole suitcase of meat. Especially the chorizos. They didn't like the cheese either.

Ate a rather yummy deepfried thing involving beans and corn and chillies, which was confusingly called an egg roll (no sign of egg). Had a caesar salad which also had no sign of egg, or anchovies - all the fun bits. John read a copy of the New York Times, with a little boggle of delight at really having a real copy of a really famous newspaper..... (but John's excited by that sort of thing).

Memphis announced itself in shining lights to be the home of the blues, but there were no blues for us, because the guitar arrived too, looking slightly hung-over and sorry for itself (it didn't want to talk about it).

And then we slept the sleep of the sleepy.

 Farewell Brisvegas

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