Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch and then the first night

And lunch we did -  at the legendary Alcenia's, just a block away from the Marriott.  We waited a very, very long time for very, very good food.  Worth a visit, but not if you're in a hurry.  We followed the advice of an English friend - "eat catfish from the Mississippi and then see the Mississippi.  Do not do this the other way round!"  Both the fish and the river were a delightful brown.

After a day of preparation and the deployment of advance faffing techniques (and even a nap to wipe away the tiniest bit of jetlag) our showcase room opened with the lovely Lorna Brooks from Glasgow. A fine start.  

We had a full programme of terrific acts throughout the week.  We'll post photos and videos as we can process them, but the level of talent was universally high.  The International Showcase Room was a great success and a whole heap of fun to run.  As well as organising the room, we played at 11pm every night, with David Ferrard following at 11.30.  

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