Saturday, May 2, 2015

On the road again....

And so we're back once more. 

Landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon in a fog of sleeplessness and geographical dislocation. Immigration/customs (both official and strange local), then car, drive, hotel, food, shower, pillow slam.

Awoke to find the outskirts of Hounslow as inviting as ever.  Ah, Costa!

A long slow breakfast, slightly quicker packing of the car and then on our way.  Google said 6 and a bit hours so of course bank holiday Friday saw us arrive at Susan and Malcolm's just South of Alnwick Castle just shy of 11 hours after we left.  The sign that said "Queues Likely Until August 2015" seemed prescient.  An all-too-brief stop at Jacey and Brian's helped us to maintain reasonable caffeine levels.

Another bed beckoned but the lag of the jet sees me up and sort of about at the unfamiliar hour of 7 in the morning.

Slowly becoming used once more to the ways of the road.  

We settle in now for a for a spell of recovery, unsheathing the instruments and the employment of loin-girders for what lies ahead. 

More to follow.


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George Papavgeris said...

What a change from that van!
Welcome, welcome!