Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back home and loving it

After a long tour, with lots of side-trips, driving, gigs and lovely people, we made it home safe and sound.  In the first two weeks back, John was straight back to work, joining up with some of the guys from Tulca Mor to do schools workshops organised by the Australian organisation Musica Viva.  25 gigs in the first two weeks, then a week off, beginning with the marvellous (and relatively new) Neurum Creek Music Festival.

After a blustery summer packed with music, it was a delicious culture shock to be back at the style of festival we grew up with.  Relatively small, lots and lots of familiar faces, one stage amongst the trees, and a sunny weekend to enjoy it all camped under the mountain.

 We talk a lot about the community of musicians in Australia and being at this festival, so close to our returning to Australia, really revitalised this sense of belonging.  As much as we enjoy touring, home is home, and Neurum Creek was home to us.

After the weekend at Neurum, it was time for the beach and we set up camp by the water at Mooloolooba, about half an hour from where we live up at Maleny.  The weather was clear, the water was beautiful and we did some serious kicking back for a few days.  

Then it was back up the mountain and the long journey to the surface of the desk began.  We've got a lot of recuperating to do, a lot of paperwork to sort and a lot of music to play.

Lots of love from 

John (the one on the right)

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