Thursday, July 17, 2008


As much as we've loved the last couple of weeks of schools work, it was absolutely wonderful to get cloudstreet back on stage at a folk club.  We played the Belper Folk Club in Derbyshire on Tuesday night.  A wonderful room for singing, loads of enthusiastic singers and, in particular, a couple of old friends who came along to see us.  Malcolm Lloyd came all the way from Australia (the photo is his - thanks Mal).  

Having a break from concert-type performances has really helped us to appreciate how special it is to be able to present the music that we love to an audience.  The workshops with kids are great fun, but they require a different type of energy and focus.  Having worked hard to develop our stagecraft and performances, I really enjoy stretching ourselves in concert.  All strings to the bow.

This year in particular has seen us engaged in a lot of educational and developmental work, both with children and adults.  It's given us a variety of work on this tour and has helped no end to flesh out our workshopping skills.  

Being back in Derbyshire is giving us a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate - much sleeping and even a sauna (at the local New Bath Hotel).  This weekend we're heading North to Brampton, South Shields and beyond.

Hoping for clear skies,


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Anonymous said...

It was fantastic to see you guys, as ever.

Your music continues to delight and entertain and I never leave a performance without a huge grin on my face.

Safe travels and until next time,